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see more info at: see PDF of press kit: Director: PHIL KAUFMANN Producer: GREG REEVES Writer: STEVE HARPER Cast: KEVIN KILNER KEVIN WEISMAN RYA KIHLSTEDT ARMIN SHIMERMAN Director of Photography: PEYTON SKELTON Editor: PHIL FOWLER Line Producer: ELIZABETH NOURI Costume Designer: MAGGIE MORGAN Prod. Designer: STEPHANIE WAGNER Composer: ALI MEMARIAN 1st AD: DAN “LAZ” LAZAROVITS Running Time: 10 min. LOGLINE: Super spy David Gardner is about to retire, but first he must deal once and for all with ...

Tilly No-Body- Catastrophies of Love - 1 hr 16 min

OFFICE HOUR at Long Wharf Theatre
A college student hides behind dark glasses, a baseball cap pulled low, and writings that disturb and provoke. Is he just venting or is he really troubled? Gina, his writing professor, is the only one willing to get close, to try to understand what the student is going through.